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Attorney Javier Giraud Offers To Be First Paid Sponsor
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Mel and Nellie Chat With Yonko
Mel and Nellie Chat With YonkoAll About a Dominican Yearbook and other Things
Author Bob Rich Launches The Miami River
Author Bob Rich Launches The Miami River215 Brief Stories Ranging From Mutiny to A Naked Lady Captain
Galleria Page John Yonko
Galleria Page John YonkoImage of the Month
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30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #2
30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #2Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 2 - The Theory of the Egg
Jim Hawkins and the Minnie
Jim Hawkins and the MinnieTHE MIAMI RIVER Essay # 40 By Bob Rich
Mentalia Tarot Card 19
Mentalia Tarot Card 19BEWA - Birds Envy Walking Animals
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 4
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 4Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 4 - The Tireless Porsche
Pumping Make Sure Somebody Is
30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #1
30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #1Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 1 - Schrodinger's Cat
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 3
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 3Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 3 - Tonetics - "Only Dead Grays Are Gray"
Attorney Javier Giraud Offers To Be First Paid Sponsor
Seeks to become Historic Sponsor
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Dependability DirectoryQuestion # 1 - DO YOU KNOW A GOOD ____________ ?
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Everything and Everyone for your Beautiful Home
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a Wonder Guide to MIAMI, FLA
John Yonko Photography
John Yonko PhotographySpecializing in Studio and Candid Portraiture
Jorge Hernandez - Electrician
Jorge Hernandez - ElectricianElectrical Contractor
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Jake RioFireman Forthcoming
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Juan Rio - ConsultantConstruction and Management Consultant
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Miami Gold TransportationAffordable Gold
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Creighton & Chauncy
Creighton & Chauncy

Wedding Shots Video

Kyle & Alexa
Kyle & Alexa

Wedding collaboration between John Creighton, videographer, and John Yonko editor


a Quantum Abstract Poem

Primordial Soup
Primordial Soup

Story of a residual piece of creation that travels, and explores.. The odyssey culminates we are it...

Zeropointe Cast
Zeropointe Cast

Something like a TV logline pilot introducing the cast. The next Farscape?  Scripts Welcome!

Hot Spots & Cool Places
Cocowalk in Coconut Grove
Cocowalk in Coconut GroveShop. Wine. Dine. Unwind. Coconut Grove Style!
YearBook Free Press
Miami YearBook Donates DBR Podium 1 to Andante Cycles
Miami YearBook Donates DBR Podium 1 to Andante CyclesHelping Andante To Rebuild With a Diamond Back Racing Bike
SNEAK PREVIEW - BEWACard 19 Mentalia Tarot
Yonko Jack Tackles Another Lums Legends Tournament
Yonko Jack Tackles Another Lums Legends TournamentTournament Photographer Says "Might Be My Last"
Example Ad
Example AdMail Chimp Ad
Battery Explosion Destroys Andante Cycles Shoppe
Battery Explosion Destroys Andante Cycles ShoppeBattery Explodes - Fire Department Organizes Benefit Bike Ride - Mayor Presents Check
Despite Little Demand, 2024 Electric Car Sales Will Be Up To 17 Million, Says Advocacy Group
The International Energy Agency is estimating that global electric car sales will rise to 17 million by the end of this year

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Voyager Has Come Back Online After 5 Months
The Voyager 1 spacecraft launched in 1977 and is therefore the most remote human object in the universe, until it went dark 5 months ago and NASA engineers feared it lost.

For Oppenheimer's birthday today, there is good news; it has resumed sending engineering updates to Earth. The voyage continues.

The thing about space is, we can't even be sure it left the solar system, because the definition of solar system has nothing to do with actual space.

California Is Lying About Recycling Plastic: Happy Earth Day
Recycling in America has long been controversial and no place more than California, where 'recycling garbage' was a short time ago one of California's top exports.

No one believed China was recycling it but that they said they did was good enough for politicians and elites on the coast, so California claimed they met pollution targets - by continuing to add new items to dump into those blue bins that went into Chinese landfills for the next 300 years.

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Oil Kept Congo From Starving - Western Academics Don't Seem To Like That
If even a wealthy like Germany has to lie about emissions to placate government-funded environmentalists and burn wood and buy gas from Russia, it seems unfair to criticize a poor country like Congo, but the culture war on oil can't think about any of that.

If you don't want to look like a rich, white progressive telling poor black people that the climate is more important than their children, the way to do it is to write...anonymously.

And an ironically-named humanities journal like Critical Historical Studies will still publish it, uncritically.

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Look At This Amazing Chart Of What Science Did For The Poor In the Last 100 Years
Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words and sometimes it tells a whole book on how markets and freedom to science without government blockades can improve the lives of everyone.

This USDA chart shows the land in use versus affordability of food versus population and it is breathtaking. Imagine what the world would have done if backward places like Europe and Russia adopted American science and technology. If we are dreaming, let's imagine a world where every country used science to grow food. Farmland equal to the entire country of India could revert to nature.

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China Sells Western Progressives Solar Panels While Switching To Nuclear Power
China has quietly overtaken France to become the world's second-largest producer of nuclear energy.

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Gen Z Americans May Be Timid And Despondent About The Future But Not Gen Z Elsewhere
If you live in a state like California, which can't balance its checkbook but thinks it knows everything about science and health, you are besieged with cancer warning labels, prediabetes awareness campaigns, and the vaping form of 'Reefer Madness' in commercials. Then they tell us in another taxpayer-funded campaign that young people are undergoing 'toxic stress' more than others.

We won't let them go out to play without a tracking device and a Ring camera, because everyone is potentially a kidnapper, so we might want to consider we're part of that stress problem.

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On Rating Universities
In a world where we live hostages of advertisement, where our email addresses and phone numbers are sold and bought by companies eager to intrude in our lives and command our actions, preferences, tastes; in a world where appearance trumps substance 10 to zero, where your knowledge and education are less valued than your looks, a world where truth is worth dimes and myths earn you millions - in this XXI century world, that is, Universities look increasingly out of place.

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If You Care About Earth Day, Stop Buying Organic, Fair Trade And Other Junk Stickers On Products
As Lenin's Birthday Earth Day approaches, all of media are pillaged by public relations flaks being paid by 'green' companies who are using capitalism to promote their financial form of environmental socialism.

One thing they have in common; they claim whatever they are selling is more ethical than what everyone else is selling, and using their sticker will also make you part of the 1%. Literally. A claim promoted by an organization that sells certification stickers, 1% For The Planet, is that companies 'certified' by them or similar groups have a 70% chance of better growth than companies who don't.

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Study: Caloric Restriction In Humans And Aging
In mice, caloric restriction has been found to increase aging but obviously mice are not little people, and mice are weaned on a starvation diet. That cannot and will never happen in humans. Yet restricting calories even by 20 percent has been shown to promote longer life in animal models.

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Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro Have Helped The Rich Create New Healthcare Sneetch Stars
It is impossible to not know about 'miracle' weight loss drugs when progressive science magazines like Science called them the "2023 Breakthrough of the Year", something they never said about GMOs despite those feeding 2 billion people with less environmental strain than ever before.

Hey, they're not dumb, they know the demographics of 94 percent of their subscriber base - and anything that helps the rich have much better health outcomes than those poor people is good for business.

That's what Mounjaro, Ozempic, Wegovy, and Zepbound do, create new health disparities. If you are a Sneetch who wants a new health star, Ozempic-face is the look you need.

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Germany Lied To Its People About Nuclear, Then Solar, And Now Their Coal Emissions
A tsunami and an earthquake led to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear incident in which three of its reactors had meltdowns.

Though it needed a perfect storm of events for that to happen, the science community knew future meltdowns would be impossible - and easily avoidable if Democrats led by President Bill Clinton and Senator John Kerry hadn't gotten nuclear research effectively banned in 1994. If American technological progress had been allowed to continue, America would have 4th generation nuclear power, with no damaging byproducts and no risk of meltdown.(1)

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