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WhatKnot is a team of award-winning photographers in India who are dedicated to capturing happy moments of people on their wedding days. They specialize in contemporary and candid wedding photography. They have won many awards from Wedding Sutra and other distinguishedplatforms. According to Whatknot photographers, Goa, Pune, and north India are the best destination for the wedding or pre-wedding photoshoots. Pre wedding photography in Goa can be done best because of the beaches and serenity. Even North India is an ideal destination for wedding photography in Goa. Whatknot is considered to be the best candid photographers in Mumbai.

Candid photography is an art in itself but candid or pre wedding photography in Goa is much easier because of its natural abilities. Following are some basic tricks you need to follow to capture the perfect candid photographs of the Happy couple or their happy day.

Building a trust-based relationship with the couple is an essential factor to deliver the best results in your photos. Engage with them, build a relationship and make them feel at ease in front of the camera.

Before the wedding day, must believe in your vision so that they can trust you with their own vision. Initiate a relaxed conversation about the wedding. Take interest in their personal stories. Ask about the venue and try having a conversation with the wedding planner if possible. Get to know about the family and genuinely initiate conversation. Maintain a harmonious flow in the conversation. That is one of the easiest ways to capture truly amazing shots.
It’s all in the details
Never forget that candid wedding photography is all about the details. Every small detail can make a huge difference in the story. You need not just capture the movements but also the emotions. Capturing them is an art that you must learn. Details during pheras, thread ceremony or Bidaai. Follow the best light and capture these scintillating moment through your lens. Wedding photography in Goa is all about the details and it is important to give it the importance they deserve.

Some of the candid photographers in Goa and all over India are part of Whatknot’s talented team. Get your happy moments captured only by Whatknot.



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