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Jorge Hernandez - Electrician

Electrical Contractor

Whom Zoom Bio Notes: 

Serving the Greater Miami Metropolitan area since 1995.

We offer a full range of residential, commercial and industrial electrical services.   Need to repair or replace an old outlet in your home?  Call us. Doing a kitchen remodeling job or simply installing a new ceiling fan – call us.  Is it time to expand your whole house service, replace old circuit breakers or make an electric panel upgrade? Call me – I’m Jorge Hernandez – electrician and electrical contractor.

For more than 20 years, I’ve built my company’s reputation on hard work, dependability, quality and friendship.

In addition, we offer 24 hour ’round the clock emergency service – 7 days a week!  I am a member of Trades Wonders - we believe in being there when you need us – that’s what friends in the trades are for!


Visit my site:  http://miamiyearbook.com

Contact Person: Jorge Hernandez
Business Name: Jorge Hernandez Electrical Contractor
Business Street Address: 16390 SW 284 Street
City, State & ZIP: Miami, Fl. 33033
Ofc Tel Number: 786 412 8913
24 hour Tel No: N/A
E - Mail address: jorgehernandez.electric@gmail.com
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