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5 Easy Pisces

5 Easy Pisces
Never Eat A Glass Fish - Opinion by John Yonko

5 Easy Pisces

by John Yonko

an example of a glass pisces



1.  Never fish in an empty barrel. This rule is a sine qua non if you want to catch fish for the purpose of  eating.  However, it should be noted that, as a policy applicable to the endeavor of sport fishing, empty barrel fishing is a truly humane practice.

2.  Except for glass eaters, one should never try to eat a glass fish.  They are generally regarded as inedible by most of the population.

3.  Pisces, the constellation, although it means fish, is not a fish.  It too is considered inedible.  There may be edible elements within Pisces the constellation, however, that supposition is pure conjecture at the time of this writing. 

4. Pisces, the people, are inedible by law and cultural practice.  However, one may fish for them, catch them, kiss them and from time to time even marry one.  These practices are all perfectly legal.

5.  Jack Nicholson is not a Pisces; he is Taurus.



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