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30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #2
30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #2Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 2 - The Theory of the Egg
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 4
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 4Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 4 - The Tireless Porsche
5 Easy Pisces
5 Easy PiscesNever Eat A Glass Fish - Opinion by John Yonko
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Pete Upperco - One Man, Four Great Coaches
by John Yonko
Forget Swag - It's Hegemony Time!
Forget Swag - It's Hegemony Time!ARTICLE: By John Yonko
Get Juiced 2
Get Juiced 2VIDEO LINK: Devin Hester Kickoff TD - Brock Berlin Explodes! Gators Lose!
Get Juiced - Canes vs Nebraska 2001 National Championship
Get Juiced - Canes vs Nebraska 2001 National ChampionshipVIDEO LINK: 2001 National Championship Blast From The Past
Opinion Slingers
Too Much
Opinion by Pietr Jahnson - Miami, Fl - 7/20/2017
An American Opinion
Opinion by Frank Alim - Miami - 7/17/16
The Biden Administration Is Blaming Trump For EPA Siding With Environmentalists Against Agricultural Science

A small fish in central Texas, a freshwater mussel in the Mobile River basin, and another mussel in Alabama's Coosa and Cahaba Rivers have something strange in common; they appeared on an EPA list of threatened species “likely to be adversely affected” by a popular herbicide named atrazine.

I don't see how could things get worse for the San Marcos gambusia, the Upland Combshell and the Southern Acornshell. They're all extinct. I lived in the southern US in the early 1970s and never saw a Southern Acornshell. It would have been impossible, it was gone by then.

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New RAND Paper Argues Government Control Of Health Care Pricing Will Reduce Costs Better Than Competition
Rather than making affordable health care reality, the Affordable Care Act sent costs for many privately-insured people up as much as 700 percent. The federal government allowed insurers to pass through their new losses to everyone else and even with that, many insurers fled states due to the program being insoluble.

Perhaps the solution is not to have people pay 700 percent more, but to force hospitals to be transparent about costs. And that would mean more realistic pricing without a reduction in quality.

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Is God “Bound” By The Laws Of Physics, Or Can Physics Disprove Her?

I still believed in God (I am now an atheist) when I heard the following question at a seminar, first posed by Einstein, and was stunned by its elegance and depth: ‘If there is a God who created the entire universe and ALL of its laws of physics, does God follow God's own laws? Or can God supersede his own laws, such as traveling faster than the speed of light and thus being able to be in two different places at the same time?' Could the answer help us prove whether or not God exists or is this where scientific empiricism and religious faith intersect, with NO true answer? David Frost, 67, Los Angeles.

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Trophy Hunting Delivers Environmental And Social Benefits, Finds Study
The Pennsylvania Game Commission manages 1.5 million acres of land for its citizens and all "public land owners" are able to use it for hiking, hunting and various activities.

Despite such an enormous responsibility, the Game Commission receives no General fund appropriations. The Game Commission and state biologists instead get to be stewards of nature thanks to nearly all of its $120,000,000 in funding coming from licenses like deer hunting.

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Old Time Seed Breeding Benefits From A Science Boost
Once upon a time, it was important that farmers - the first agricultural scientists - create seeds that were larger, more nutritious, and more resilient to environmental stress. Nature might bring rain, it might not, pests were going to eat their way through whole fields if they could.

As agriculture improved, civilization followed. Seeds such as wheat, rice and corn directly provide about 70% of the calories eaten by people every day. What isn't directly eaten is still contributing, either by providing feed for livestock or by being grown into fruits and vegetables.

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Coca-Cola And Disney Succeeed Because They Have Linguistically Feminine Names, Says A New Paper
Coca-Cola and Disney do not simply share being on Interbrand's Global Top Brands, says a new paper, they also share linguistically feminine names, and that helps their success with men and women. In fact, the highest-ranking companies have, on average, more feminine names than lower-ranked companies, they claim.

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The Biden Administration Should Eliminate EPA's Strange New Unscientific Approach To Pesticide Evaluations
Imagine you hire a plumber and he needs to work on your plumbing and instead of coming over to fix that he sends his cousin who owns a lawn service.

That is analogous to what is happening at EPA regarding a common herbicide (the second most popular in the U.S.) named atrazine.

There is nothing wrong with it scientifically, it is causing no harm, but EPA is still going to hand it over to a group like the US Fish and Wildlife Services and let them just decide whether or not it might harm endangered species. No science needed.

They are even blaming it for extinctions that occurred nearly 50 years ago.

The Forever War on Science story has been in development...forever...but this is the first time they introduced time travel.

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Fast Answers Are More Likely To Be Believed
'The right thing, the wrong thing, do it with authority is a common' is a common statement for leadership behavior.

Humans take comfort in confidence. Even in things like facts; the faster the answer the more likely others will believe it.

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Cosmic Messengers (Part 2): A Multi-Dimensional View Of The Universe
[This is the second part of a two-part article on Cosmic Messenger astrophysics. For part 1, please click here.]

We can also "see" showers of secondary particles from cosmic rays thanks to the Cherenkov light they produce. Cherenkov light is emitted when charged particles travel in a medium at speeds higher than the speed of light itself! Light, in fact, slows down a little when it traverses a medium; energetic particles do not, so they create a conic "shock wave" similar to the boom of supersonic airplanes.

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Why Did It Take Dinosaurs 15 Million Years To Reach The Northern Hemisphere?
In the age of the dinosaurs, you could have walked from one pole to another. At that time, the continents were all joined together, forming the supercontinent Pangea.

Yet they didn't.Though sauropodomorph dinosaurs first appeared in Argentina and Brazil about 230 million years ago, it took them 15,000,000 years to migrate to the northern hemisphere.

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The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Had Up To Four Waves - The Last Was 18 Months After The Third
Do you think food is medicine? While Whole Foods imagery touted that in 2019, the coronavirus pandemic that began in Wuhan later that year punctured efforts to convince the public that health is a moral or economic issue - you owe it to your kids to buy overpriced food. SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 pandemic showed that eating expensive onions won't save anyone from anything.

What may help save people is remembering the past rather than wishful thinking about the present. In this case, looking back at the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic which killed far more than COVID-19.

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Most Don't Need Social Authoritarianism When It Comes To The Environment, Asking Works Just As Well
If a tourist doesn't know messing around with a coral reef is bad, they may try to touch them or pet turtles, but after being told by someone local that it has risks for the nature they are there to see they far less likely to do so.

A new paper found that such "nudges" works well. Which would mean we often don't need government 'ignore of the law is no excuse' type shaming policies to change behavior.

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