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30 All Time Best Clues To Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 6
30 All Time Best Clues To Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 6Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 6 - An Eidetic Crystal Skull
30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #2
30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #2Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 2 - The Theory of the Egg
Jim Hawkins and the Minnie
Jim Hawkins and the MinnieTHE MIAMI RIVER Essay # 40 By Bob Rich
Mentalia Tarot Card 19
Mentalia Tarot Card 19BEWA - Birds Envy Walking Animals
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 4
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 4Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 4 - The Tireless Porsche
Pumping Make Sure Somebody Is
30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #1
30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #1Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 1 - Schrodinger's Cat
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 3
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 3Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 3 - Tonetics - "Only Dead Grays Are Gray"
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Barra Rocks the Luna

Mike Barra with the Barra Cuda Band

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Primordial Soup

Story of a residual piece of creation that travels, and explores.. The odyssey culminates we are it...

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Cocowalk in Coconut Grove
Cocowalk in Coconut GroveShop. Wine. Dine. Unwind. Coconut Grove Style!
Barnacle State Park - Coconut Grove
Barnacle State Park - Coconut Grove The oldest house in its original location in Miami-Dade County
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Miami YearBook Donates DBR Podium 1 to Andante CyclesHelping Andante To Rebuild With a Diamond Back Racing Bike
Florida is Zika Free - but double check before you travel out of the US
Update on Mosquito spread virus
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OPINION:  TOO MUCH - An Opinion by Pietr Jahnson - Miami, Fl - 1/20/2023
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Yonko Jack Tackles Another Lums Legends Tournament
Yonko Jack Tackles Another Lums Legends TournamentTournament Photographer Says "Might Be My Last"
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Sugarcane For Biofuels Will Need GMOs
Though there are science and engineering hurdles to overcome, governments are keen on using food for fuel. Corn is most common right now but sugar is also a target for legislators who want to pivot away from conventional energy.

Brazil is understandably interested in getting out in front of the issue. Sugarcane is one of Brazil's main tools for ethanol from sugarcane is one of the most important renewable biofuels that can replace fossil fuels.

A recent review of its importance to Brazil also discusses the history of sugarcane genetic improvement in Brazil from the arrival of the Portuguese to the currently available varieties.

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A Torino Scale For Artificial Intelligence, And What To Do With It

In recent times, artificial intelligence has become ubiquitous. Besides powering our cellphones, directing what advertisements we get when we browse internet or read our emails, and creating content in the media, AI-powered hardware is more and more widespread, including self-driving vehicles, home appliances, and a host of other systems for industrial use.

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Beekeepers Are Wrong About Overwinter Hive Behavior

Honeybees in man-made hives may have been suffering the cold unnecessarily for over a century because commercial hive designs are based on erroneous science, my new research shows.

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Yew Knew This: The Fens Of England Once Held Vast Woodlands
While deforestation has declined rapidly in the last 60 years, clearing trees to make room for farmland was once essential.

Even an island like England had farming going back thousands of years. Hundreds of dead tree trunks in the low-lying Fens of eastern England, caught in the machinery of Fenland farmers while plowing their fields, were from yew trees that populated the area between four and five thousand years ago. Yet farmers did not cut them down, Fen yew woodlands died rapidly about 4,200 years ago due to climate change, when peat expanded the trees fell and were preserved until today. It is likely that a rapid sea level rise in the North Sea flooded the area with salt water.

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How Would You Interpret 'Blue' And 'Green' If Your Language Lacked Those Words
If you visit Japan, you may be surprised that Japanese traffic lights have blue on go rather than the green in the U.S. Actually, green is the standard there, just as red is, they just have a different definition of green.

It is rather common that things which should be basically the same for everyone, like a color, have not only different words but different meanings. A new study of basic color terms found that in cultures that have remained isolated, there are a lot fewer words for the tens of millions of colors we see.

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What Does ChatGPT Say About Holiday Eating Health?
Data tools like ChatGPT, colloquially called Artificial Intelligence (if you think a fancy autocomplete is actual AI), have the promise to do a lot of good. There are some concerns about human content 'creators' being replaced but we don't miss the 150,000 fewer bank tellers we had before the rise of ATMs and a lot of writing done by humans is pretty generic.

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Millennials Need $500K Per Year To Be Happy
Look what participation trophies hath wrought; they don't think they can be happy for less than $500,000 per year.

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Thanksgiving Dinner - Do We Need An Electoral College To Prevent Tyranny Of The Turkey Majority?
In 2000, 2016, and 2020, a political party declared that the electoral college needed to go - because they lost.

What they don't realize is that despite how state results appear in their favor, they are not. If it was a direct vote, a candidate would win with 26% of the electorate, parties would be irrelevant, and the victor would be the candidate with the most aggressive position on a hot-button issue, abortion, guns, whatever. The rest of us would have to live with it.

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Murder, Chemicals In Organic Food - Two Ways Thanksgiving Is Hazardous To Your Health
It's that time of year when activists, academics, and social media mavens hoping for media coverage begin to promote worry about Thanksgiving.

Some risks are real, even if relatively slight; a lot more people driving mean more accidents and if you have a family member who is an International Agency for Research on Cancer epidemiologist, they will ignore the greater amount of driving and just tell you that Thanksgiving is deadly.(1) Food safety matters. Turkey should be 165 degrees Fahrenheit and ham 145, but anyone telling you that in a press release might as well be taking the bold stand of endorsing clean water.

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Court Orders 'Balance of Nature' Products To Cease Sales Due To Fraud
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration asked dietary grifters Evig LLC, of St. George Utah, and the company's CEO, Douglas Lex Howard, as well as Premium Production LLC, of St. George, Utah, and its Manager, Ryan Petersen, to stop selling "Balance of Naure" supplements because they are lying when they claim they can diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent diseases such as cancer, heart disease, cirrhosis, diabetes, asthma, and COVID-19

The hucksters refused to comply, and even continues to promote their products even though they knew they were adulterated and unsafe for use. Now a federal court has ordered them shut down.

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In 2015, An IARC Analysis Would've Declared Glyphosate Harmless - Then Activists Intervened
Every few months, jurors in a progressive city, where science is regarded as a corporate conspiracy, issue some judgment against a common weedkiller known as glyphosate.

Are they so stupid they think plants are little people? Or that humans carry the same pathway that the chemical acts on in weeds? Sure, but environmental trial lawyers hoping to get even richer also have an International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) monograph on their side. In 2015, the French group of epidemiologists declared it a possible carcinogen, even though every scientific body had found that was not the case.

They call it science, but it isn't. It is only epidemiology.

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FDA Allows In-Home Chlamydia Gonorrhea Testing Kit
Currently, if you are worried you might have chlamydia or gonorrhea, you had to have a sample collected at your doctor's office, and in states like California that could mean waiting months for an appointment.

FDA has now granted marketing authorization for the Simple 2 Test, which will be available over-the-counter and is the first non-HIV sexually transmitted disease test with at-home vaginal swabs or urine specimens.

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