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Author Bob Rich Launches The Miami River215 Brief Stories Ranging From Mutiny to A Naked Lady Captain
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30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #2
30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #2Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 2 - The Theory of the Egg
Jim Hawkins and the Minnie
Jim Hawkins and the MinnieTHE MIAMI RIVER Essay # 40 By Bob Rich
Mentalia Tarot Card 19
Mentalia Tarot Card 19BEWA - Birds Envy Walking Animals
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 4
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 4Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 4 - The Tireless Porsche
Pumping Make Sure Somebody Is
30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #1
30 Best Clues to Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted #1Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 1 - Schrodinger's Cat
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 3
30 Best Clues To Help Determine Whether You've Been Abducted # 3Finding Out Whether You've Been Abducted By Aliens - Clue 3 - Tonetics - "Only Dead Grays Are Gray"
Attorney Javier Giraud Offers To Be First Paid Sponsor
Seeks to become Historic Sponsor
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Kyle & Alexa

Wedding collaboration between John Creighton, videographer, and John Yonko editor


a Quantum Abstract Poem

Primordial Soup
Primordial Soup

Story of a residual piece of creation that travels, and explores.. The odyssey culminates we are it...

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Zeropointe Cast

Something like a TV logline pilot introducing the cast. The next Farscape?  Scripts Welcome!

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SNEAK PREVIEW - BEWACard 19 Mentalia Tarot
Yonko Jack Tackles Another Lums Legends Tournament
Yonko Jack Tackles Another Lums Legends TournamentTournament Photographer Says "Might Be My Last"
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Battery Explosion Destroys Andante Cycles Shoppe
Battery Explosion Destroys Andante Cycles ShoppeBattery Explodes - Fire Department Organizes Benefit Bike Ride - Mayor Presents Check
Monsanto Trial Judge: Zhang Glyphosate Meta-Analysis Is Nonsense
Trial lawyers suing over a popular weedkiller saw six words they never want to read in a court document approving a motion to dismiss a study they consider vital to their future yacht payments: "Zhang's meta-analysis is junk science."

This is not just authoritative, it is humiliating.

It doesn't end there. The court saw through their pay-to-publish scam and was immune to their time-honored technique of immediately having a bunch of other papers cite it to increase its impact factor and H-index.

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Opposer At A PhD Defense
Yesterday I was in Oslo, where I was invited tro serve as the leading opposer in the Ph.D. defense of a student of Alex Read, who is a particle physicist and a member of the ATLAS collaboration. Although I have served in similar committees several times in the past, this turned out to be a special experience for me for a couple of reasons.

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The World Is Richer Than Ever, But It's Not Due To Communism Or Capitalism, It's Science
There are lots of stories about the poor in America, and have been for decades. Smart demographers know that, like racism, if everyone is talking about The Poor, it's almost eliminated.

One of the giant cracks in the communist dictatorship called the USSR last century was when the television program "60 Minutes" had a segment on poverty in America. It was designed to tug at the heartstrings of those with more money. The USSR ran it for their citizens but it actually backfired. Being in 'poverty' in America meant having a television and more living space than anyone not an elite in the Soviet Union had.

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Sen. Sanders Still Opposes Nuclear Energy But The American Science Community Marches On
If you tell me an old white person in America opposes nuclear power, I can tell you how they vote. I can also tell you with alarming accuracy what they think about lots of science, like food and medicine. They think natural gas is why climate change happens.

The reality is that climate change happened due to...them. Democrats gutted nuclear energy in America 30 years ago. Democrats cheered when Senator John Kerry and President Bill Clinton declared that any nuclear energy research could be a nuclear bomb. This was the capstone of a 30-year effort to undermine nuclear power in America, with politicians, their supporters, and allies in corporate media invoking the Precautionary Principle and saying any risk was too much.

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EU Environmentalists Pull A Fast One On Austria To Get A 'Nature Restoration Law' No One Wants
Austrian Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler took one for the environmental team to push through a new environmental bill that few want.

If there is one positive thing that Russia invading Ukraine accomplished, it's forcing Europeans to stop being hypocrites about where their food and energy really derives. It is not Europe, and has not been since they started shutting off coal plants and nuclear energy and claimed solar and wind only needed political will to take over.(1) And that Russian organic food imports were anything more than a placebo in sticker form.(2)

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Farmers Won't Be Replaced By AI But Environmentalists Opposing Agriculture Will
A news article says that 2024 fact checkers are having a hard time keeping up with all of the disinformation and misinformation surrounding the American presidential election. While progressive activists want to allege it's only by the right-wing, that isn't true at all.(1)

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Anti-Science Academics In The US Are Why Golden Rice Isn't Embraced By Developing Countries
There is no question that American academia is driven more by politics and cultural agendas than being trusted guides for the public, and a new paper by the European Society of Medicine shows that militancy is a key reason why countries which could benefit the most from Golden Rice are terrified of science.

Golden Rice, fortified with β-carotene that becomes vitamin A in the body, should be prized by progressives who mask their hatred of science behind "distrust" of corporations, because it has no corporate control. It is entirely public domain, created by academics to help the world.

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A Boom In Carbon Capture Is Upon Us, But The Impact On Greenhouse Gas Emissions Is Uncertain

Carbon capture and storage (CCS), the process of separating, treating and transporting carbon dioxide (CO

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For Millennials, The Midlife Crisis Is Inability To Have A Midlife Crisis
It's only psychology surveys so take that for what it's worth but the authors of a new questionnaire with a suspect confidence interval claim millennials are so whiny they say they can't even have a midlife crisis like previous generations.

They can't afford it.

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Dinosaurs And Aliens On The Moon: Harvard Found A Way To Stop Talk About Their Anti-Semitism
Harvard has found the perfect way to get old liberals to stop yelling at their young progressives due the school's antisemitism, a chronic reality they didn't want exposed in an election year: claim that aliens, cryptoterrestrials, are living in a secret base on the moon. With dinosaurs.

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Ultra-Processed Food Fetishists Have Turned On Vegans
What do you get when you combine food diaries of suspect reliability with an agenda against Big Food?

A prominent epidemiologist. No methodology is deemed too shoddy to manufacture "statistical significance" because few in food epidemiology seem to recognize how useless that is as a barometer for "legitimate result."

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The Anti-Science Left Is Now Against Misinformation, Because The Right Caught Up To Them In It
Do you believe bees are dying, that GMOs 'need more study', modern pesticides cause impotence?

If so, I know how you vote, and that you would be a great fit as a humanities academic claiming to be an expert about science. Like historian Dr. Naomi Oreskes, who sees conspiracies everywhere except in her tribe, even if a domestic front group for her political party got a gigantic mysterious off-shore anonymous donation through a donor-advised fund because they routinely promoted Russia Today and Sputnik and oppose American science in Russia's two largest exports, energy and food.

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